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Dragon Ikka

Show Schedule 2018


Sat 11/3/18

Rick Moore Karate Academy Four Seasons Open Karate Tournament

Sun 10/14/18

B.R.E.A.D! Festival @Coffman Park Dublin

Sat 7/14/18                   

Summer Jam Westgate

Fri 6/8 - Sun 6/1

Columbus Arts Festival

Sat 5/26/18 and Sun 5/27/18 

Asian Festival

Sun 5/20/18

               Asian Festival -Dragon Boat race

Sat 4/28/18       

Thank you for coming! Photos are here

Rick Moore Academy Spring Four Season Karate Tournament

Sun 4/8/18         

Thank you for coming! Photos are here

Ohio States University Japanese Student Organization Spring Festival

     What we do

  • Japanese Calligraphy Jewelry

  • Arrowhead Jewelry

  • Crystal Jewelry

  • Calligraphy Artwork That Is Downloadable.

  • We Also Do Customized Jewelry Upon Request.